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1 hour With Ononiba Chioma || Miss Intergrity International Natural Face Of 2016 Award Winner

Ononiba Chioma is an Elegant,  Beautiful upcoming model. A final year student of Abia State University.
She has so many professional Awards to her name. The Miss Intergrity International Natural Face Of 2016  Award Winner Opens up to 360kwado on How She achieved Success
Me: Briefly Tell us about your upbringing?
Ononiba Chioma : I was brought up in such a way that I keep reminding myself that am different.
Me: Did you have a memorable Childhood?
Ononiba Chioma : Of course I had a memorable childhood.
Me: What do you recollect about growing up?
Ononiba Chioma : I can never forget that very moment I always feel that my parents adopted me. (Laugh)
Me: Did you at anytime when you were growing up think you would become a Model?
Ononiba Chioma : Yes!!! I have always long for that stound.
Me: What’s your background in
modeling? When and why did you
get started? Was it for the glamour?
The money? Pure kicks?
Ononiba Chioma: Right from Primary school  (always win the Princess of the school) then Secondary school as the first Queen of the school.
On 2013 i started from facial online contest( Rhodies world) . Actually this is my first Pageantry after I must have registered under an agency. I have always have this flare of interest about modelling. It was never for the money but for the joy the achievement brings which finally leads to fame.
Me: Who are some of your favorite
models and designers, and why?
Ononiba Chioma: Queen Anna Ebiere Banner (Her Charisma)
And Folake Folarin Coker (The only African fashion designer to grace the Mercedes fashion week held in New York, two years in a row.
Me: Which fashion magazines,
websites, blogs, and catalogs do you
visit most often?
Ononiba Chioma: 360kwado.com, Rhodiesworld.com, weddingdigestnaija ,linda ikeji blog ,Modelsphere and EdoziemCv, kamdora and
Bella Naija ( BellaNaija.com) Product Catalog - LGTNigeria.com
Me: What does fashion mean to
Ononiba Chioma: Fashion  is not just impressing others around you but also it reveals your personal taste,development and intelligence.
My fashion mantra is in such a way that wherever I am, my style speaks for me.
Me: How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more.
Ononiba Chioma: Whao!! Feel cool with white polo/shirt (with collar) snow wash denim and a foot wear (white snickers/blue sandals). A blue floral sleeveless straight cut short Gown with quarter hand blue blazer with a gladiator heel sandals.
That's my best photo because my smile their is fascinating and the white dropping concept too that implies showers of blessings . lolz
Me: What is fun and rewarding?
Ononiba Chioma: About modeling? It's versatile nature and forever fame.
Me: What advice do you have for
other aspiring models?
Ononiba Chioma:  Do not relent, every second matters. The road may be rough but remember you only get out what you put into something and nothing else.
Me: Do you do your own hair and
Ononiba Chioma: Smile) I can't make my own hair but I can style it and about make-up ,I love wearing my makeup by myself.
Me: What’s your favorite outfit from your own closet? Do you have your own personal uniform?
Ononiba Chioma: Favorite? I dont have favorite outfit. I can only say that am not the kind of lady that want to look heavily dressed or garbed up in one of the costly Nigerian wears. I like to dress simple and it gives me comfort.
Me: How do you prepare for a
modeling shoot?
Ononiba Chioma: Prior to the day,I try to create different depict of concept. I tend to have enough rest which will help me get the best and that's when I can say accomplishment.
Me: What do you dislike about Modeling?
Ononiba Chioma: Absolutely nothing it's fun.
Me: What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?
Ononiba Chioma:  I will like to leverage on my career as a model to create a platform bolstering aspiring models, significance and independence.
Me: Describe the atmosphere when
you’re on a shoot. Do you play
music? Do you talk with the
photographer between shots?
Ononiba Chioma: No I don't play music, I prefer interactive session so as to know if the photographer is actually capturing the concept or suggesting a better one.
Me: Tell us about your education?
Ononiba ChiomaCurrently Final year biochemistry student of Abia state University.
Me: What is your availability?Traveling? Full-time, part time?hours?
Ononiba ChiomaI enjoy travelling but with a purpose.
Me : Thanks for coming for the interview.
Ononiba Chioma: Your welcome.

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