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Exclusive Interview With Nigeria Top Notch Producers - Dreamkeyz


What do you think of the Music Industry now?

Our music industry is growing so wide day by day both locally & internationally and also creating job opportunities for our young and vibrant youths.

What kind of music do you love doing or Directing?
We love doing & directing all kinds of music especially classical & R&B.

How do you plan to hit the Music Industry?

As music producers/sound engineers we're planning to introduce a better & unique sound quality to the Nigerian music industry that can be compared to the world's standard.

 How did the Dream Keyz label came to be?
1 DREAMKEYZ is not a label yet but a TAC teem producers/sound engineers

2 DREAMKEYZ are (2)heads that came together to form a production team also known as Emmanuel & Kingsley (dream & keyz)was formed in the year 2010.

How do you Intend to fund your Sound Company?
By allowing other bodies to partner with us.

What challenges did you encounter starting Up Dream keyz?
Setting up dreamkeyz, we encountered a lots of discouragements from people who didn't believed in our dreams.

Qualification to work with DREAMKEYZ:
Everyone is allowed to work with dreamkeyz as long as you're determined Artists.

What inspired the song "washing"?
As producers/sound engineers we didn't plan on having a song but so many of our client & colleagues the likes of 2face idibia, Sound Sultan, Faze, Dj Willio, J Sleek etc. have been persuading us to have a song so we came up with the song title WASHING.

To  what do you owe your success?

Who are your musical Influence?
Michel Jackson, Dr.dre  &Timberland.

What life motto do you live by?
What is worth doing is worth doing well.

You are known for dressing good, Is it a brand thing or is there another reason?
It's a brand thing.

Are you Married?
We're both single.

Would you Say you feel fulfilled so far?
Not yet fulfilled.

What projects are you working on now?
Lots of project at hand now.

What's your take on nudity in Music Videos?

What is your favorite drink, Sports, Food and Relaxation center?
Food: Proteinous food

Sports: DREAM-Basketball , KEYZ-Foootball.

What kind of woman do you want to Marry?
Both: God fearing

Any word for your fans?
Be determined in what you do you will succeed.

How do you Intend to give back to the community?
Quality & good sound of music we will give to the community.

What do you think you had done differently?
We love doing everything differently

Which top Labels have you worked with?
Hypertek digital, Naija Ninja,911 records, TGP entertainment, Kennis Music, Independent records,five star music etc.

Which Nigerian Artist have you worked with?
2face idibia, Sound Sultan, Faze,TerryG,Skales,Harrisong, Maleke,Xcell,Joel Amadi,Rocksteady,Chidimma(miskedike), Career & many more .

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