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Exclusive Interview With Salau Oluwaseyi

Salau Oluwaseyi is one of Nigerians Most Beautiful Ladies Who is Using Her Beauty To Represent Nigeria in International Events and Second Runner Up Miss Integrity International Nigeria Charity Queen

360kwado: Briefly Tell us about your upbringing?
Sheyi: I was brought up in a Christian home, from a family of six, the last our of four. My family never stopped teaching me to do what is right in every situation I found myself.

360kwado: Did you have a memorable Childhood?

Sheyi: Yeah....growing up was beautiful I had everyone to myself...I was a good kid thus, everyone watch out for me and that is the most beautiful thing any child could ever wish for.... I remember getting everything I needed.... Eating as much as I wanted....lol..... having more than than enough kids to play with and attending the best of schools

360kwado: What do you recollect about growing up?
Sheyi: Growing up was great, as a kid I could do whatever I wanted and get away with it..... aside that everyone in the Neighbourhood were parents to every kid.... any parent or family was free to punish any child if he/ she did wrong... I can actually remember been a victim to this twice

360kwado: Did you at anytime when you were growing up think you would become a Model?
Sheyi: Yes.... I have always thought about it.... I went through magazine pages and even newspapers...most times I even pictured myself walking in place of the models I see in such magazines 😊
360kwado: How would you describe your
professional interests?
Sheyi: I actually don't understand!
360kwado: How would you describe Modelling
360kwado: What’s your background in
modeling? When and why did you
get started? Was it for the glamour?
The money? Pure kicks?
Sheyi: Well to me, modelling. Is a role carried out by a model to promote display or advertise commercial products.... I actually don't have any background in it but I have always loved it....not because of the glamour or what I tend to earn from it but I feel this pure happiness when I do it.... it all started at the Osun fashion week in 2015, I was invited over by my photographer and it happened that one of the designers needed a model to wear one of her piece...she couldn't find anyone to do it until she spotted me.And that was it.

360kwado: How do you feel being Miss Integrirty International Nigeria Charity Queen Second Runner up?
Sheyi: It feels beautiful to be honest....i believe it's a huge door to greater things to come
360kwado: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

Sheyi: Tyra Banks and Agbani Darego..... its Tyra Banks for me because she is so much thing in one....a model, television personality,talk show host, producer,author, actress, singer....this are just what I'd like to be in one...And it's Darego because she was the first Native Africa to claim the miss world title which am also aiming towards someday 😊
Sheyi: Am not much of the picky type so I don't have a favourite designer... I wear anything in as much as it suits my skin and looks good on me
360kwado: Which fashion magazines,
websites, blogs, and catalogs do you
visit most often?
Sheyi: Don't have any particular one
Sheyi: I visit any blogs that has any positive idea to offer me

360kwado: What other modeling projects
have you done? Could you provide

Sheyi: Am a communicator so I get to read everything that comes my way....i don't have a favourite of any of this things 😊

Sheyi: I did something for Nigeria during independence last year and it was tagged "October rush" and this idea came up as a result of us all celebrating the green and flourishing side of Nigeria.

Sheyi: Links I can't provide that now but there are some of the pictures on ig and fb @ octoberush

Sheyi : And am currently working on one but that would be later in october this year too...

360kwado: Do you have any other
experience in the fashion industry
(writing, photography, marketing,

Sheyi: Yeah I write....
Sheyi: Poems....fictional and non fictional stories

Sheyi: But none has been published yet tho

360kwado: What is fun and rewarding
about modeling?

Sheyi: Modelling gives one that voice to speak and everyone would always want to listen...its also fun as you get to work with different people with diverse culture and religious believes at one point or the other.

360kwado: What do you dislike about

Sheyi: I dislike the fact that it promotes nudity most times

360kwado: How would you describe
 working with the photographer?
 Epic: What makes a stylish lady or
 man? Is there a difference?

Sheyi: Working with a photographer is pretty cool....you get to express yourself and the photographer gets to capture your expressions just as they come...and this is achieved with lots of jokes and very good music.... the best is achieved when this is done

Sheyi: Confidence, good body posture and carriage, simplicity and a spice of  intelligence are what makes a lady stylish

360kwado: Who are some of your favorite
 fashion photographers? (They do not
have to be famous.)
Sheyi: I love kelechi Amadi Obi and TY bello.... I would love to work with this two someday and of course Samnwoke and Greenix photography I started working with this two and the results has been beautiful

360kwado: What does fashion mean to

360kwado: What do you think of Miss Integrity International?

Sheyi: Fashion is about expressing ones identity through your choice of clothing....and it is also an avenue to standing out tall among multitudes around
Sheyi: I think it's going to soar high like an Eagle.....even though it's a new pageant in Nigeria it helps in driving positive reforms among youths....i learnt a lot of things when I was there and after applying this things to my everyday life, I reasoned differently

360kwado: Where do you generally shop?

Sheyi: I don't shop 😊 sounds boring yeah.

 Sheyi: My sister buys most stuff for me but whenever I want to shop it's always in. Mandilas

360kwado: Madilas woow
360kwado: I shop their too lolz.

360kwado: Describe the atmosphere when
you’re on a shoot. Do you play
music? Do you talk with the
photographer between shots?

Sheyi: Awwww that's really nice....we could actually bump into each other there sooner than you expected 😊
Sheyi: Yeah music....lots of eat and I joke a lot....every session with me is always laughter filled....

Sheyi: Lots of it rather

360kwado: Hope we bump into each other today. Lolz

Sheyi: I owe you a punch πŸ˜€

Sheyi: Not in lagos tho...am currently in Niger state serving would be done in october but till then.....😊

360kwado: What is your nutrition? How
often do you go to the gym? Do you
 practice constantly?

Sheyi: I don't gym....but I eat good food and I drink lots and lots of water....i do some little exercise every morning too..... The thought of the gym scares me....trust me

360kwado: Really. So what is scary about the gym to you.

 Sheyi:Every gyming equipment.... *whispers* am lazy

Sheyi: That isn't going with the interview is it....

360kwado: Yea it is oooo...πŸ˜ƒ

Sheyi Miss integrity: 😳😳😳😳😳

360kwado: What do you hope to
accomplish at Miss Intergrity modeling agency?

Sheyi: Am hoping to create an avenue for youth and teens to build themselves up with whatever entrepreneurship skills they so desire... am tired of seeing youths around without jobs....learning/ having an entrepreneurship is something

360kwado: What are you likes and

Sheyi: I actually like reading and writing....i so much like meeting people and cooking.....i dislike pride, lies and dishonesty

360kwado: You said your serving in Niger State, Tell us a little  about your education?
Sheyi: I graduated from Joseph Ayo Babalola University in Osun state where I studied Mass communication

360kwado: Anything else you’d like to
say to the youths who wants to be models?

Sheyi: Stay beautiful and smile always " you never can tell who is watching"

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